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Hydrator>All - All - Implement new messaging for Error Messages


    • Type: Bug
    • Status: Resolved
    • Priority: Major
    • Resolution: Fixed
    • Affects Version/s: None
    • Fix Version/s: 3.2.0
    • Component/s: Pipelines, UI
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      FE Sprint - the last leg
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      *Original--> Revised*
      Application should have atleast 1 sink' --> Please add at least one sink to your pipeline.
      Application can have at most 1 source'--> Pipelines can only have one source. Please remove any additional sources.
      Application needs to have a name'--> Please name your pipeline.
      Enter application name'--> Enter pipeline name.
      Application name can only have alphabets, numbers, and \'_\''--> Pipeline names can only contain letters of the alphabet, numbers, and \'_\'' Please remove other character types.
      Source is missing required fields'--> Please provide required fields for Source.
      Sink is missing required fields'--> Please provide required fields for Transform.
      Transform is missing required fields'--> Please provide required fields for Sink.
      Multiple sinks have to branch from the same node'--> Please connect multiple sinks to the same node.
      Branching in this application is not supported'--> Please remove branched connections.
      There are unconnected nodes in this application'--> Please connect all nodes.
      There is circular connection in this application'--> Please remove the circular connection in this pipeline.
      This application connections do not end in a sink'--> Please end the pipeline connections in a sink.
      There are parallel connections inside this application'--> Please remove parallel connections in this pipeline.

      Startup messages

      Create Pipeline (first time only): Welcome! Hydrator makes it easy to prepare data so you can get down to business faster. Let’s get started!
      Create Pipeline: ETL made simple. Hydrator offers four ways to get started.
      Create Pipeline/Console (first time only): Click a node from the menu to place it on the canvas above.

      Messages in the Studio
      No messages as of now.--> No messages at the moment.
      AppendStreamToTableWithProjections successfully saved as draft.--> "AppendStreamToTableWithProjections" successfully saved as draft.
      AppendStreamToTableWithProjections is valid .--> When does this message appear?
      Please select a plugin to edit configuration.--> Please select a Node to edit configuration
      <doesn't show right now on reference node>--> Please select a Node to view Reference information.




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