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Visualization of Pipeline Summary Metrics: Run History


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    • Fix Version/s: 4.3.0
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      UP5 Sprint 2
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      As a user, I want to have a historical overview of the pipeline runs, in either chart or table format

      CHART VIEW (default view)
      The data is organized by
      Run Duration (y axis) is displayed in seconds, minutes or hours, depending on the average duration of the pipeline displayed.
      X axis displays time or sequential pipeline runs depending on which view the user has selected. (Refer to https://issues.cask.co/browse/CDAP-11889)

      Each run is represented by a data-point circle of 9px in diameter
      Successful: filled in green hex: 3cc801
      outlined: hex #999999
      Failed: hex #A40403
      outlined: hex #999999
      Runs are connected by a line graph: 5px thick, hex #DBDBDB

      ON HOVER
      When the user hovers on a specific run the data-point highlights: outline 2px hex#fcf867
      When the user hovers on any given run, the following metrics are displayed:

      • Title: (Run History)
      • Duration
      • Status (the label is displayed with the corresponding color: Successful green, Failed red)
      • View Runtime Argument (link)
      • Run number
      • Start time

      Acceptance Criteria:

      • Each of the Run data points is clickable: the user opens a details view of that pipeline run
      • The metric window stays open long enough for the user to navigate over it and click on the link.
      • When the user moves the mouse, there may be a slight delay before the metric window closes, to allow the user to navigate to the window without it closing it
      • Runtime Argument link: it displays a modal with a “view only” version of the runtime arguments.

      The following metrics are displayed:

      • Run number
      • Run ID link (see behavior below)
      • Status (the label is displayed with the corresponding color: Successful green, Failed red)
      • Start time
      • Duration
      • Runtime Arguments links

      Acceptance Criteria

      • Each pipeline run is displayed in a row.
      • More than 8 rows, a scrolling bar is displayed.
      • Each of the rows is clickable and it highlights on hover (background changes to gray #f5f5f5)
      • The user can click on the "ID" link: a tooltip is displayed containing the Run ID, a green check mark and “Copied to clipboard” Screen Shot 2017-06-12 at 3.07.32 PM.png. The tooltip disappears after 3 seconds
      • Each of the column headers can be selected to sort the content.
      • By default, the list is sorted by "Run Number" with the latest run displayed on top
      • The user can see a view-only Runtime Arguments for each run

      Refer to https://invis.io/E7C3OMF5K#/238236490_Pipeline_Summar_-_Chart_Copy_5


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