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Visualization of Pipeline Summary Metrics: Log Errors and Warnings


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    • Fix Version/s: 4.3.0
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      UP5 Sprint 2
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      As a user, I want to have a historical overview of the pipeline log errors and warnings, in either chart or table format

      CHART VIEW (default view)
      The data is displayed as a histogram, organized as follow:

      • Y axis: the number of errors and warnings (y axis).
      • X axis displays time or sequential pipeline runs depending on which view the user has selected. (Refer to https://issues.cask.co/browse/CDAP-11889)
      • Each run is represented by a column
      • Errors and warning are stacked together.
      • Error: red hex #A40403
      • Warning: gold yellow hex #FDA639

      ON HOVER
      When the user hovers on a specific run it highlights: outline 2px hex#fcf867
      When the user hovers on any given run, the following metrics are displayed:

      • Title: (Log Errors and Warnings)
      • # or Errors: red hex #A40403
      • # or Warnings Status: gold yellow hex #FDA639
      • View Log (link)
      • Run number
      • Start time

      Acceptance Criteria:

      • Each of the Run data points is clickable: the user opens a details view of that pipeline run
      • The metric window stays open long enough for the user to navigate over it and click on the link.
      • When the user moves the mouse, there may be a slight delay before the metric window closes, to allow the user to navigate to the window without it closing it
      • View Log link: it opens a new tab displaying the specific log of the run selected.

      The following metrics are displayed:

      • Run number
      • Run ID link (see behavior below)
      • Errors
        • Warnings
        • View Log link
      • Start time

      Acceptance Criteria

      • Each pipeline run is displayed in a row.
      • More than 8 rows, a scrolling bar is displayed.
      • Each of the rows is clickable and it highlights on hover (background changes to gray #f5f5f5)
      • The user can click on the "ID" link: a tooltip is displayed containing the Run ID, a green check mark and "Copied to clipboard" [^Screen Shot 2017-06-12 at 3.07.32 PM.png]. The tooltip disappears after 3 seconds
      • Each of the column headers can be selected to sort the content.
      • By default, the list is sorted by "Run Number" with the latest run displayed on top

      Refer to https://invis.io/E7C3OMF5K#/238236490_Pipeline_Summar_-_Chart_Copy_5


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