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    • Affects Version/s: 4.2.0
    • Fix Version/s: 5.0.0, 4.3.2
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      4.3.1 09/25
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      As a user, I want to add a connection to a S3 source.


      • I click “+ Add Connection” and select “S3”
      • A modal is displayed: Title: Add Connection: S3”
        “Name" (required): Text box; hint text: Name this connection (30 characters max)”
        "Connection Type”: Toggle between “Access Credentials” and “IAM”
        ACCESS CREDENTIALS: "Access ID” (required): text box
        “Access Key” (required): text box
        IAM: no additional fields are displayed

      Links: [Add Connection] [Test Connection]

      Acceptance Criteria

      • Connections are specific to Namespaces:
        • Databases added to a namespace is unique to that namespace.
        • If I want to connect a database to multiple namespaces, I will need to connect each namespace to a database.
      • Name of the source is unique. When the user set up a new source, the system validates that no other sources in the Namespace are named the same.
      • Character limit for the name of a source is set to 30. The user cannot type names that are longer than 30 characters.
      • The modal closes by clicking [x]. Any information added in the text fields will be lost.
      • [Add Connection] is disabled until all required fields are completed.
      • An error message is displayed if there is a problem with connecting or testing the connection. Error message: "CDAP can’t connect to the <Connection> source. Check the <field(s) names> input and try again.”
      • When "test connection" is successful, a success message is displayed: "The test connection to the <Connection> source was successful. " The message is displayed for 3 seconds before fading out
      • When a user [Add Connection] successfully:
        • "S3" category "folder" is added on the side left rail, displaying the newly created database with a label "New"
        • Label "New" disappears after 3 seconds next to the new connection
      • The content of that connection is displayed.


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