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Operational Dashboard - Display a list of pipelines and/or custom apps runs.


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    • Fix Version/s: 5.0.0
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      5.0 03/06
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      Added a Dashboard for real-time monitoring of programs and pipelines
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      As a CDAP user, I want to be able to view a list of all the runs associated with a given timespan, or a bar.

      CHART VIEW Dashboard View - hovers view pipelines.png
      I can view details about each of the runs, by either selecting the “Show runs” link, or by clicking on any of the bars displayed in the chart.

      • The user can expand the view to include all the runs by selecting “Show runs” link:
        • The accordion expands to display all the runs within the time range displayed
        • The runs displayed to reflect the data displayed in the chart: the user can customize the view by selecting or deselecting which runs (pipelines or Custom Apps); which Start Method (E.g.: Scheduled/triggered, Successful, etc.) and which of the statuses of the pipelines (Running, Successful, Failed) are displayed in the chart.
        • When the user customizes the chart view, by modifying the selection of what is being displayed, the list of the runs is updated automatically.
      • The user can view the runs list by selecting any of the bars in the chart. This action will open the accordion, displaying the list of the runs pertaining to the bar selected.
        • The accordion expands to display the runs that meet the criterions selected. (e.g. all pipelines which were running (without ending) between the time of 8 and 9 am)
        • The time range and the bar selected is displayed as highlighted

      TABLE VIEW Dashboard View - Tables.png
      When the user views the data in a table format, the individual runs are displayed when the user, either clicks on the single metrics or by selecting the “Show runs” and expanding the accordion.

      RUNS Dashboard View - hovers view pipelines Copy 3.png
      The runs are organized in a table which is hidden by default.

      • The following columns are displayed: Namespace; Name; Type; Duration; User; Start method; Status.
      • By default, the runs are organized alphabetically by name.
      • The selection metrics are displayed on top of the list: Date; Time range (e.g. 1pm-12am; or 9-10am); Type (pipelines and/or customs apps); Start Method (View All, Manually started, Scheduled/triggered); Status (View All, Running, Successful, Failed)
      • The user can sort the columns by clicking the columns header.
      • The user can scroll the runs, however, the chart/table and the header of the runs table are fixed.
      • The list of runs is clickable. Each of the rows highlights (background changes to hex #f5f5f5) on hover.
      • By clicking the run row, the user is taken to the detail view of that run.


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