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Field Level Lineage - Graphical representation of datasets and edges


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      As a user I want to view and easily identify how a single field relates to other datasets’ fields.

      The connections between fields are represented graphically through a system of lines ("edges") that visually couples fields of different datasets to each other.

      The edges represent operations that contribute to a particular field either as root cause or as impact.



      Target Dataset

      The target dataset is the dataset the user is inspecting. It is positioned at the center of the page and it is highlighted with a green outline.
      All the fields pertaining to that datasets are displayed. If the dataset has more than x fields, the fields are paginated. 

      On hover, the background of the field changes to $grey-08: #f5f5f5

      Selected field. When the user selects a field, the field background, field name and the corresponding connections are highlighted.

      Count of the fields in the dataset.  The accurate count of the total number of fields in the target dataset is displayed.  


      Cause and Impact Datasets 

      Cause and impact datasets are datasets that have fields that are root cause or are impacted by the highlighted dataset
      Of these datasets, only the fields that are relevant (connected) to the highlighted dataset are displayed.

      Only the fields related to target dataset are displayed in the Cause and Impact Datasets, if there are more than "y" related field, additional fields are hidden and an ellipsis is displayed. 

      Count of the fields related to the target dataset.  Only the count fields related to the target dataset is displayed. "# related fields"


      Field Edges

      The connections have 4 states

      • Highlighted/in view - this is a connection which both fields (e.g. root cause and main field) are in view and the main field has been selected and highlighted in orange.
      • Not highlighted/in view - this is a connection that represented in gray and both fields connected are in view.
      • Highlighted/not in view - this state occurs when either or both fields are paginated and not in view. In this case, the connection is represented as dashed and highlighted in orange
      • Not highlighted/not in view - this connection is represented with a dashed line.





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