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Preferences for application and programs


    • Type: New Feature
    • Status: Resolved
    • Priority: Major
    • Resolution: Fixed
    • Affects Version/s: None
    • Fix Version/s: 4.1.0
    • Component/s: UI
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    • Sprint:
      CDAP UI 01/23, CDAP UI 01/30, CDAP UI 02/06
    • Release Notes:
      Added the management of preferences at the application and program levels.
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      User Stories:

      • A CDAP user should be able to add/modify/delete preferences at an application and program level
      • As a CDAP user, I should be able to view the resolved preferences from System and namespace level while updating preferences at application level.
        o The system and namespace level preferences should not be editable while creating/updating/deleting application preferences
      • As a CDAP user, I should be able to view resolved preferences from System, Namespace and application level while updating preferences at program level
        o The system, namespace and application level preferences should not be editable while creating/updating/deleting program preferences

      invision prototype:

      • Fast Action on the Application and program card opens a modal (see attached screenshot)
        • On hover display button outline around Fast Action icon
        • hover bubble: "Set Preferences"

      Preferences Modal

      • Dimensions: width: 884px; max height 750px

      Set new preferences
      • modal title: Preferences
      • Title: Set Preferences for Application <App Name>
      • Sub text: Specify new or override existing system or namespace preferences. These preferences will be accessible in all programs within this application.
      • "Key" text field is in focus and cursor active.
      • Hint text disappears as soon as user starts typing
      • New row of text field appears as soon as user starts typing in "KEY" text field
      • Display a maximum of 5 rows of text fields. If the user adds more, a scroll bar is displayed.

      [DONE] button

      • user closes the preferences page (and autosave any new preferences, if applicable)

      [x] Close icon

      • User can close the modal by clicking on the [x] icon

      RESET link

      • same as current current behavior

      Inherited Preferences

      • Table divided in 4 columns. Two NEW columns: Origin and Status
        • Origin: documents where the preference was set
        • Status: displays if Preference is active or overridden
      • User can sort table by clicking on the columns header
        • "Key" and "Value" are sorted alphabetically A-Z or Z-A
        • "Origin" hierarchically (System - Namespace - Application (if applicable)) - and vice versa
        • "Status": groups active together: Active on top, Overridden at the bottom (ordered by alphabetically) - and vice versa
      • Display no more than 5 inherited preferences, a scroll bar is displayed if there are more than 5 total number of inherited preferences - Inherited Preferences (#) - NOT IN THE MOCKS

      Save New Preferences

      • Preferences will autosave when:
        • there is a lag of 1 sec after user input text in the "Value" text field
        • Display spinner icon for 1.5 sec before displaying the "Saved" label
        • if the "Key" is matching to an "inherited preference" the label "Override Saved" is displayed
        • User clicks [Done] and preferences. No labels are displayed.
      • When autosaving, the system will validate the Key field. If input error are found error message is displayed.
      • User clicks [Done] and system validate the Key fields
      • Label is displayed for 2 seconds before fading

      Overriden Preferences

      • if the "Key" is matching to an "inherited preference" the label "Override Saved" is displayed
      • Overridden Inherited Preference will be displayed with a grey background (#e6e6e6); Status symbol is changed
        • Grey background fades (disappears) after 2 seconds.


      • Display error using current visual pattern, plus change text field to: Background: #FDF5E7 Border: #D0011B
      • System validates fields: when user tabs to a new field, when autosaving, when user clicks [Done] or [x].
        • invalid characters are used
        • Only one field is filled.
      • If error message to be determined, display error message. [Done] and [x] buttons are disabled

      Confirmation Message

      • A confirmation message is displayed: message: "You set new preferences for the Application <name of App. (see attached mock up)
      • Preference icon changes color to green
      • Green header and outline fades after 3 seconds
      • Green icon persists as visual signifier that new preferences have been set, until user refreshes, navigate out of the page or logs out.


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