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    • Affects Version/s: 4.0.0
    • Fix Version/s: 4.1.0
    • Component/s: UI
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      CDAP UI 02/06, CDAP UI 02/13
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      The CDAP UI added a dataset detail view.
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      As a user, I need to be able to view and manage every single detail of a dataset. A dataset detail page is its own page, with a unique URL. Users can access it by clicking on the "View Details" button on the dataset overview panel.

      Acceptance Criteria

      • Top bar represents navigation.
      • Should have a back button that allows user to go back to the page where they came from
      • Navigation bar should also show the dataset name


      • Shows Dataset Name
      • Must have Icon

      Displays the exact creation time in the format MM/DD/YYYY HH:mm. Text says "Created at MM/DD/YYYY HH:mm"


      • If non-empty, truncate description and add ellipsis after 120 characters. (Bhooshan Mogal In this view, I would display the description in its entirety)
      • "More" will display the remaining description pushing down the content below, as appropriate (Bhooshan Mogal shall we remove this? see above)
      • If description is not available display: "No description available"


      • please use a simplified version of the string type by displaying the last word after the . (e.g.: co.cask.cdap.data2.lib.Table = Table)

      If specified, display the owner. Else "No owner specified"


      • Tags and total number of tags set for that dataset
      • System tags are not removable
      • Business tags can be removed and added
      • Clicking on Tags, opens a search results modal. Re-use the global search modal. For search, only select datasets and streams as the target types, since we only have detail pages for them.
      • Clicking on a search result takes you to the details page of the search result.
      • If there are no tags, show the message "No tags found. Click Add Tag to add a new business tag"


      • Truncate: Shows a confirmation box - "Truncate will remove all records from the dataset '[dataset-name]'. Are you sure you want to continue?". Buttons: Truncate, Cancel
      • Delete: opens the Delete modal asking the user to confirm action - If the user confirms delete, the modal closes, user goes back to the previous page
      • SQL - Opens the Explore modal, and allows user to execute a query.
      • Tool tip with name of Fast Action is displayed on hover


      • Display number of programs using the app
      • Display title: "Programs using <Dataset Name>
      • Display number of programs currently running: "Number of Running Programs: #"
      • Toggle to display List or card view
        LIST VIEW (default)
      • Rows are clickable (not in 4.1) and will take user to detail page of the Program.
      • List is sortable by:
      • Name: Alphabetically A-Z; Z-A (Default)
      • Type: Alphabetically A-Z; Z-A
      • Last Started: Most recently started; Least recently started
      • Staus: Alphabetically A-Z; Z-A
      • Name: display names of programs 50 character max (longer names, truncate and add ellipsis) (Lea need your input here)
      • Type: Display type of program
      • Last Started: Display date and time program was run last. If Program is currently running display time in real time.
      • User can start or stop a program by clicking the [play] and [stop] toggle icon:
      • "Stopped" label is displayed in grey
      • "Running" label is displayed in green
      • User can view, create and edit preference modal for a program by clicking the [preferences] icon
      • Bulk action: User can start or stop multiple programs at the same time by clicking on the check box and using the drop down menu to either bulk start or bulk stop programs.


      • Programs are displayed in card format
      • programs are sorted alphabetically
      • Last Started metric is displayed in the card (mm/dd/yyyy - hh:mm). If Program is currently running display time in real time.
      • Cards should not contain application name


      • Show the schema of the dataset using the existing schema widget.


      • Displays key value pairs of metadata properties (from the metadata system)
      • Scope column specifies System vs Business
      • Has a search button with similar behavior as tag search. Search should be called with [key]:[value]
      • Business properties have an delete (trash) icon
      • If no properties are present, show the text "No business or system properties found for this application. Click to add a business property."


      • Shows storage metrics for datasets - writes, reads and total size.


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