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    • Affects Version/s: 4.0.0
    • Fix Version/s: 4.1.0
    • Component/s: UI
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      CDAP UI 01/30, CDAP UI 02/06
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      The CDAP UI added a dataset overview.
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      As a user, I need to be able to quickly access details for datasets.
      I need click on the cards and view a summary of the most important details in the context of a modeless popup.
      I need to be able to access a complete detail view for datasets.

      Acceptance Criteria

      • All Entities Cards are centered within the page
      • Datasets Cards are clickable: to open the details modeless, the user can click anywhere in the card, except in the fast action area (which will trigger the fast action)
      • Selected Cards are visually highlighted with an CDAP orange stroke
      • Modeless slides in from the right, cards rearrange
      • Selected card is presented in the viewable area
      • User can scrolls through the cards, while modeless window is fixed
      • User can select a different card while modeless is opened:
        • Modeless stays in place
        • Modeless content refreshes after a short delay (0.5 seconds) here the modeless is blank.
        • If refresh is longer than 0.5 seconds a spinner is displayed
      • User can close/dismiss modeless by clicking the [x] on the top right of the modeless header
      • Cards rearrange full view after modeless is closed

      The overview will display the following information:•

      • Name of the Dataset
      • Creation time
        Summary of the Creation time organized as follow:
        • From 0 to 59 sec = "Just now"
        • From 1 to 59 min = "<# of minutes> ago"
        • From 1 to 23 hours = "<# of hours> ago"
        • 24 hours to 29 days = "<# of days> ago"
        • 30 to 364 days = "<# of months> ago"
        • more than 365 days = "<# of years> ago"
      • Type: please use a simplified version of the string type by displaying the last word after the . (e.g.: co.cask.cdap.data2.lib.Table = Table)
      • Dataset Description: Truncate description and add ellipsis after 70 characters.
        • More will display the remaining description pushing down the content below, as appropriate
        • If description is not available display: "no description available"
      • Tags and total number of tags set for that application
        • System tags are not removable
        • Business tags can be removed and added
      • Fast Actions
        • Truncate: opens the truncate modal
        • Filter: opens the filter modal (see attached)
        • SQL: opens the SQL search modal (previously known as Explore)
      • SQL button displays number of query that have been run in that session.
      • ... Bhooshan Mogal we need to review this action. How queries work, can user re-open the modal to view the query result? What is a result of a query?
        • Display number of queries run (see attached image)
        • Upload: opens the Upload modal
        • Delete: opens the Delete modal
      • If the user confirms delete, the modeless closes, the card disappear and a message is displayed: "Application <name of Application> is deleted
        • Tool tip with name of Fast Action is displayed on hover


      • Display number of programs in then app
      • Display title: "Programs in <App Name>
      • Display number of programs currently running: "Number of Running Programs: #"
      • Toggle to display List or card view

      LIST VIEW (default)
      Rows are clickable (not in 4.1) and will take user to detail page of the Program.

      • List is sortable by:
        • Name: Alphabetically A-Z; Z-A (Default)
        • Type: Alphabetically A-Z; Z-A
        • Last Started: Most recently started; Least recently started
        • Staus: Alphabetically A-Z; Z-A
      • Name: display names of programs 22 character max (longer names, truncate and add ellipsis)
      • Type: Display type of program
      • Last Started: Display date and time program was run last. If Program is currently running display time in real time.
        • User can start or stop a program by clicking the [play] and [stop] toggle icon:
      • "Stopped" label is displayed in grey
      • "Running" label is displayed in green
        • User can view, create and edit preference modal for a program by clicking the [preferences] icon
      • Bulk action: User can start or stop multiple programs at the same time by clicking on the check box and using the drop down menu to either bulk start or bulk stop programs.


      • Programs are displayed in card format
      • programs are sorted alphabetically
      • Last Started metric is displayed in the card (mm/dd/yyyy - hh:mm). If Program is currently running display time in real time.


      • Display number of Schemas
      • Display Title: Records Stored in <Dataset Name>
      • Tool tip is displayed after user clicks icon.
        Bhooshan Mogal can we chat about the text for the info icon?
      • Please leverage existing schema design


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