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      UP3 Sprint 1
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      Add File System Browser Component
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      As a user, I want to be able to view and access data that is residing in an HDFS cluster.

      When I click the HDFS link in the side rail menu a table view of the directories is displayed.

      Acceptance Criteria

      • The user can search files and directories within the list displayed. Acceptable queries are either full or partial match. E.g.; for the query "Name" files that are named "Name" or contained "Name" are displayed.
      • The user can navigate back to previous directories by clicking the breadcrumb path.
        Breadcrumb behavior:
        • Only previous three levels are surfaced to the user. If there are more than three levels the breadcrumbs will be presented as follow: … > Directory3 > Directory4
        • Clicking on the […] displays a dropdown with the list directories names (e.g. Directory1; Directory2)
      • The user can view the number of files and Directories displayed in that page
      • The Directories and files are organized around the following columns
        • Name (name may be truncated depending on screen size?)
        • Type (directory, type of file - parquet, csv, etc.)
        • Size of directories and files. The size will be converted to the following units Bytes, KB, MB, GB, etc. A conversion will be calculated based on the size of the file or a directory. Sizes are displayed with one decimal place
        • If size cannot be calculated the value is displayed as "- -"
        • Last Modified (MM/DD/YYYY - HH:MM)
        • Owner (name of owner)
        • Group (name of group)
        • Permission (surface string)
      • The user can sort the list by clicking the columns header.
      • Icons visually differentiate Directories from Files
      • In the list view, each row is clickable.
      • Row background changes color on hover.
      • Clicking on a directory takes on a different screen and displays the directories and files inside that directory. The user can navigate back by clicking on the breadcrumb or by clicking the browser back button
      • Clicking on a file
        1. System checks if file format is recognizable
        2. Files open in Data Prep (system applies a default parse)




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