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      Coppr Docker installation instructions needs to be update.

      I shared the file on Google drive as well:
      Here is the updated instructions:

      Instructions for downloading coopr Standalone Docker Image

      An alternative and easy way to start experimenting with COOPR also is to download the COOPR image from Docker Hub. Here are the steps to do so:

      1. Docker is available in a variety of platforms. Please Download and Install Docker in your environment by following the installation instructions from Docker.com (https://docs.docker.com/installation/#installation)
      Download and install Docker in your environment following the instructions at Docker.com.
      Start Docker using:

      “boot2docker start”

      Note: Please follow your platform specific installation instructions to verify that Docker is working and has started

      3. Once Docker has started, you need to pull down the COOPR image from Docker hub using the following command:

      docker pull caskdata/coopr-standalone

      4. Identify the Docker VM host interface IP address by typing the command :

      Boot2docker ip

      5. Start the COOPR image/container (downloaded from step #4) by typing command:

      docker run -t -i -p 8100:8100 -p 55054:55054 caskdata/coopr-standalone

      Note: COOPR Server Listens to ports:
      Console port: 8100
      REST API port: 55054

      6. Once you enter the Docker coopr VM, you need to start Coopr components by typing the following commands:
      o COOPR components will start automatically once the COOPR VM starts

      o COOPR components can also be stopped and started from within the machine by:

      $ /etc/init.d/coopr-server start|stop|restart
      $ /etc/init.d/coopr-provisioner start|stop|restart
      $/etc/init.d/coopr-ui start|stop|restart

      Once coopr starts, Please do not exit the VM as it will shutdown the VM.

      Once COOPR starts, it will instruct you to Connect to the dashboard at http://imag-#:8100

      Note: image # should be replace by the Docker VM IP address obrained above above (i.e.

      7. Start your browser and type the coopr dashboard URL: http://IP:8100

      8. Follow the instructions from the getting Started manual to start wirking with coopr.

      For a full list of Docker Commands, see the Docker Command Line Documentation.


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