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    • Fix Version/s: 3.5.0
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      Adds a new Run Configuration player for published pipeline views.This allows users to set run time argument while scheduling or running a pipeline.
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      User Stories:

      • As a Hydrator user, I want to start, stop, and pause pipeline runs.
      • As a Hydrator user, I want to know state and status of a pipeline run.
      • As a Hydrator user, I want to configure arguments for a pipeline.
      • As a Hydrator user, I want to view logs for a run.
      • As a Hydrator user, I want to write preview data to a sink.
      • As a Hydrator user, I want to specify how many records to preview.


      • The Run Configuration player is comprised of the run/pause/stop button, configuration panel button, the status/state display, and the logs button.
      • Display area will show Status, Start Time, Duration, and any state messages such as 'Starting schedule...' or 'Starting single run...'
      • Clicking configuration panel button opens and closes the panel.
        • Arguments text boxes will be empty in default state.
      • All buttons should have a Rest, Focused, and Pressed state.
      • Data and Batch
        • The RUN button will change to pause only for Data and Batch pipelines, to "disable" a schedule.
        • 'Single Run' and 'Schedule' mode selector is available for Data and Batch pipelines.
        • Here, the configurations are for the selected mode. So,
          • if a single run is selected, and arguments are changed, the arguments apply to all single runs started from that point on, until they are changed again.
          • if schedule is selected, and arguments are changed, the arguments apply to the scheduled runs, started from that point on, until the arguments are changed.
          • if you go back to the Single Run mode after that, you see the arguments that were configured for Single Run earlier. Not the ones configured for schedule.
      • Realtime
        • Run button will change to red "Stop" button when the pipeline is running.
        • Configuration panel will include arguments but not mode.
      • Preview
        • Configuration panel will include 'Write to Sink' check box (default = unchecked) and 'Number of Records' text box (default = 5).


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